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You may be eligible to claim if…

If you have received and acted upon unsuitable pension advice, it is likely you will have either, lost money intended for retirement or lost guaranteed benefits associated with a final salary pension, or both. There are many circumstances in which unsuitable pension advice can occur.

Most people who have pensions have worked hard all their lives and behaved in a completely responsible way by putting money aside in their pension funds for when they retire. In many cases a person’s pension fund will be their main source of income in retirement.

Do you notice any of these pension companies?

A+ Financial Services Limited
Acklam Financial Limited
Active Wealth (UK)
Argent Wealth Management Ltd
Banking Claims
Better Retirement Group
Blackmore Bond
British Steel Pension
Channel One Financial Planning
Copia Wealth Management
Consumer Wealth
Corporate & Professional Pensions
Crypto Claims
Dac Pension
Defined Benefit Pensions
Dolphin Trust
Final Salary Transfer
Foresight Financial Services Ltd
Forthplus Pensions
Fortuna Wealth Management Limited
Free Standing AVCs
Gaudi Regulated Services
Hamilton Rose Wealth Management
Heritage Pension
Intelligent Money
Interestme Financial Planning
Intuitive Financial Associates
Liberty SIPP Limited
Lifestyle Financial Consultancy Ltd
Montpellier Asset Management
Midland Independent Financial
Muliticrop Rose
Optimise Wealth Management
Pension Calculator Limited
Westway Holdings

Mis-sold Pensions Compensation Claims

As of today, pension complaints in the UK are on the rise. Fines have been handed out to a number of independent financial advisors (IFAs). Fears of a major mis-selling scandal in the UK’s £80bn pension transfer market are increasing.

People mis-sold pensions have found that their pensions have been put into high-risk policies and as a result, have:

  • Lost thousands of pounds from their retirement.
  • Lost all the guarantees that came with their pensions.
  • Made unregulated, unsuitable, and potential fraudulent investments.
  • Discovered that they cannot access their pension.
  • Been hit with high fees and charges.
  • Charged income tax of 55% when they exceeded the £40,000 tax-free limit.

Our experienced team will assess whether you were mis-advised. If we believe you were, you could be due compensation. Our team are experts in helping seek financial justice.

We’ve helped thousands of clients successfully claim for financial mis-selling. Think you may be eligible for a claim? Start your free check today!

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